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From weekend getaways to trips across Australia, Ezytrail is the home for your adventures. A lifetime of memories starts here.

Our team

Ezytrail is built on a shared passion for exploration and commitment to quality. Fueled by a genuine love for camping and adventure, our leaders have a vision for excellence that extends far beyond the road.


Operations Manager

“After 15 years of employment with Ezytrail, I have learned a considerable amount about the products and industry, which I am able to share with fellow employees and customers. From product development trips in the most remote parts of Australia to the manufacturing lines of international components manufacturers, Ezytrail has been key in bringing higher quality and more affordable products to our industry.”


National Sales Manager

“My passion for camping was ignited when I discovered the joy of escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Seeing the growth and success of my staff in their roles gives me a strong sense of pride – watching them develop and excel not only validates their hard work and dedication but also reflects the supportive environment we've cultivated here at Ezytrail.”


Customer Service Manager

“I have a passion for camping and immersing myself in the great outdoors. Working in the camping industry is not just a job but a rewarding way of life that I love sharing with my whole family. The ability to create lasting memories with our children is truly the highlight of this lifestyle for me.”


State Sales Manager

“Since my early years, camping with my parents sparked a deep love for it. As such, my background reflects a deep understanding of the outdoor lifestyle. With over two decades of experience in the prestige car market, I have specialised skills in delivering top-notch service and quality. At Ezytrail, I am proud to prioritise a customer-focused approach, consistently seeking ways to enhance and refine our models based on valuable feedback.”


State Sales Manager

“I have been camping/caravaning for as long as I can remember. In my family, you're either born with the spark, or catch fire from the others. I have now worked in the industry for over 15 years, building and designing caravans locally and internationally. Everyone in our team shares a deep passion for camping/caravanning, a commitment to helping others, and a drive for excellence in our respective roles.”

The Ezytrail Difference

At Ezytrail, we know that home is more than a space; it's where adventure unfolds and lifelong memories are made. As adventurers ourselves, we are passionate, not just about the caravans and camper trailers we make, but the lifestyle they make possible.

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