Our Quality Policy

Ezytrail Campers Pty. Ltd. is committed to maintaining a Quality System in accordance with the requirements, the applicable Guidance material and the specific requirements outlined in the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 pertaining to Vehicle Type Approval Holders.

As an Approval Holder for Low ATM Trailers Ezytrail Campers Pty. Ltd. has adopted the policy to explicitly meet all its obligations outlined under the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and resultant Vehicle Approvals it obtains and ensure the customer receives a quality product that complies with all regulatory requirements.

To achieve this objective, it is the company’s policy to establish and maintain an effective quality control system. The company’s quality objectives are to achieve for each, and every vehicle produced:

  • Provide the customer with impeccable service and quality products.

  • All regulatory Requirements are met, and each vehicle is manufactured to comply with the applicable ADR’s in accordance with the Vehicle Type Approval obtained. If the intended vehicle specification varies from that approved under the Approval obtained, a person knowledgeable in ADR and certification requirements will examine it for ADR implications. If required, additional tests will be conducted, and evidence will be submitted to the Secretary to ensure that only approved vehicle types are uploaded to the RAV.

  • All necessary documentary evidence will be maintained to prove the vehicles complied at the time the vehicle was uploaded to the RAV.

  • All quality system, records and vehicle files will be maintained as described in the quality record to show that the quality system is functioning properly

  • The Management of Ezytrail Campers Pty. Ltd. along with the Homologation/Quality team shall define and implement the quality objectives stated in the quality policy and quality mission statement.