Semi Off-Road Caravans

If you like a balance between traditional caravanning and off-road adventuring, then Ezytrail has a range of semi off-road multi terrain options that provide superior handling when you head off the beaten track.

Ezytrail Semi Off-Road Caravans – your home away from home

With sturdier builds and advanced safety features, combined with luxury features, you can extend your adventure with an Ezytrail semi off-road multi terrain caravan.

Ezytrail Semi Off-Road caravans for extended adventuring

Multi terrain caravans are an innovative fusion between a traditional caravan and a camper trailer. Featuring a bed, shower and small internal living space inside, with external kitchen, ample water storage and off-grid capabilities, Ezytrail multi-terrain caravans are ideal for on road and off road adventures for duos, families or expert campers.

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Take it off-road with an Ezytrail multi terrain caravan

If you want to get closer to nature, without sacrificing on-road handling, a semi off-road multi terrain caravan is a great choice. Dynamically designed to navigate various terrains and environments including gravel roads, and public gazetted light off-road conditions, Ezytrail semi off-road options offer an oasis for when you’re exploring Australia’s outback.

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Enjoy a getaway lifestyle with Ezytrail

Explore remote destinations away from crowded caravan parks with Ezytrail's range of semi off-road caravans, combining the freedom of off-road and off-grid exploration with the comforts of home. Multi terrain caravans feature the luxury you want from a caravan with a lighter, more compact design making them perfect for venturing off the beaten path.

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Know your caravans

Hybrid Off-Road

Hybrid Off-Road

Full Off-Road

Full Off-Road

Semi Off-Road

Semi Off-Road



Travel Conditions

Constructed to suit any on and off-road conditionsConstructed to suit any on and off-road conditionsIf your journey involves navigating a dirt road with occasional mud patches, a multi-terrain vehicle is ideal.Stick to the sealed roads


13ft - 17ftWidest and most spaciousWidest and most spacious10ft>


Full amenities, shower, toilet, external kitchen, Air conditioning, External fridge slideExtensive indoor amenities and comfortExtensive indoor amenities and comfortFull amenities, shower, toilet, external kitchen, Air conditioning, Internal Kitchen, Internal upright fridge

Ease of set up

7/10 ease of setup. rear bed section to assemble, stabilizer legs, kitchen and fridge to slide outMinimal set up required - drop stabiliser legsMinimal set up required - drop stabiliser legs9/10 ease of setup. Drop stabilizer legs, connect 240v power, connect water hoses.

Available power management systems

Full array of 12 volt power. Lithium batteries, solar panels, BMS display, InverterFull array of 12 volt power. Lithium batteries, solar panels, BMS display, InverterOften equipped with minimal solar panels and battery capacityBasic 12v system. AGM battery, 1 solar panel. More setup to 240V caravan park power enabling living similar to at home

Roof type

Pop top or hard roofUsually fixedUsually fixedPop top or hard roof

Weather resistance

Suited to 4 season useWell insulated and suited to most conditionsWell insulated and suited to most conditionsSuited to 4 season use

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