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All-new Ceduna 17 MK3

Where adventure becomes second nature. Available in both Twin and Quad models, the Ceduna 17 MK3 is a true all-rounder, merging both versatility and comfort in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Holiday your way

For the freedom you need, the adventure you crave and the comfort you deserve; Ezytrail’s extensive range has something for everyone.


Seamlessly transition from home to your next adventure with all the luxury and comfort you could ever want. Enjoy a spacious interior, full sized beds, internal kitchen and ensuite, and extended off-grid capabilities.

Hybrid Caravans

Explore the main roads or adventure off-road, you get the best of both worlds with a hybrid van. Compact for streamlined towing with clever expandable sections that deliver space and comfort in the great outdoors.

Camper Trailers

Elevate your tent camping experience and get closer to nature without giving up all the comforts of home. Discover the practicality, freedom and security a camper trailer brings to your lifestyle of off-road adventuring.

Ezytrail has something for everyone

We’re all about the journey

For over 20 years, Ezytrail has been a market leader in caravans, campers and hybrids. We believe in finding hidden gems off the beaten track, sleeping under the stars and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Reliable companion
Quality tested for dependability and durability.
Affordable aspiration
Uncompromising quality, exceptional value.
Boundary pushing design
Market leading innovation in every model.

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Certified for Customer Confidence

As Ezytrail continues to grow, customer satisfaction remains a priority for us and we are proud to be consistently ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 is an international standard and set of frameworks that help assist business performance while ensuring that we deliver products and services that meet stakeholder as well as customer requirements.

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