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Winter Camping: How to Keep Warm Without a Fire Pit

From layering clothing to using portable heaters and thermal blankets, discover everything you need to stay warm on those chilly winter adventures.

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There’s something uniquely magical about winter adventures: the foggy mornings, the hearty meals and the great lengths you go to escape the biting cold. Speaking of which, it’s pretty hard to stay warm outdoors without a fire pit. If you find yourself in that situation, fear not. We’ve put together some handy tips on how to keep yourself nice and warm without the need for a firepit. Let’s get into it!

Layer Up

When spending time outdoors, how you dress is the most important part of staying warm. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer or thermal top, add an insulating layer like a wool sweater, and top it off with a windproof and waterproof outer layer, preferably one that’s filled with down. This way, you can easily remove layers if you’re going for a walk and start to get a little warmer. Don’t forget things like thick socks, gloves and beanies to minimise heat loss from your extremities.

Use Thermal Blankets

Emergency thermal blankets are lightweight and compact, making them an excellent way of keeping warm. These blankets reflect body heat back to you, providing a quick and efficient way to stay warm while you’re sitting around the campsite.

Hand and Foot Warmers

Disposable hand and foot warmers are a convenient way to add warmth. Place them in your gloves, boots, or pockets for a quick and easy heat boost. These small heat packs can provide several hours of warmth and are perfect for cold outdoor conditions.

Hot Drinks

Keep a thermos of hot drinks like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate on hand. Sipping a warm beverage can help raise your body temperature and keep you comfortable. Make sure your thermos is well insulated to keep your drinks hot for longer periods.

Wind Barriers

Set up wind barriers using tarps or natural features like rocks or trees to shield your campsite from cold winds. Reducing wind exposure can significantly increase your comfort level – even position your vehicle as a windbreak if possible.

Get Moving

Staying active is one of the best ways to keep warm. Engage in light exercises or activities to keep your blood circulating and body temperature up. Whether it’s a long walk, a short jog or even some outdoor sports will make you and your family forget all about how cold it is.

Insulated Flooring

If you’re setting up an outdoor sitting area, consider using insulated mats or rugs on the ground. This added layer can help prevent the cold from seeping up through the ground and into your seating area.

Warm Water Bottles

Fill a bottle with warm water and keep it close to your body. Holding a hot water bottle can provide instant warmth and is especially useful for keeping your hands and lap warm while sitting outside.

Just because you’re not building a fire, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay nice and warm. With the right clothing, accessories and activity, you may find that you do perfectly fine without one. So get out there, bring your layers and don’t let a drop in temperature stop your adventure.