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Camping Cuisine: Keeping Your Caravan Pantry Stocked While You’re on the Road

Transform your caravan pantry with our latest blog post on off-road camping essentials. Discover key ingredients, tools, and tips to make cooking on the go the perfect balance of easy and tasty.

Ezy Tips

Step One: Stock-Up

Firstly, you’ll want to load your pantry with some versatile ingredients. Think of your pantry like a tool box, and once you’ve loaded it with some essentials, you’ll have what it takes to whip up something simple and delicious whenever hunger strikes. What are these versatile, essential ingredients we speak of? Glad you asked.

Packaged Foods Are Your Friends.

There are endless goods you can grab straight off the supermarket shelf and put straight in your caravan pantry. When it comes to sealed foods that don’t need refrigeration (at least, before you open them), you’ll be in good company in the Asian or Italian section of your supermarket. If you’re going Italian, look for dried pasta, bottles of tomato paste, jars of capers and olives, and tins of vegetables or fish.

When it comes to Asian foods, not only will you find dried noodles, but also a dazzling range of jarred sauces and pastes, such as sate, laksa, and chilli oil, plus so much more. These kinds of ingredients are also fantastic ways to spruce up fresh ingredients—simply toss some vegetables or protein in your choice of sauce, add noodles or pasta and you'll be eating under the stars in no time.

Spice Things Up

Dried herbs and spices are the lifesavers on the road, on the fly cooking. These will not only keep for ages, but will also help take even the most basic dishes to another level. Plus, they’re small enough to fit nicely in your internal or external pantry.

The Right Tools for the Job

You’ll want to make sure you have your cookware onboard, such as pans, woks, pots, spatulas, cooking knives and cutlery. Have a think about what you plan on cooking, and what you’ll need to cook it. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere, about to strain your pasta or noodles out of the pot, only to realise that you forgot the strainer at home!


Know Your Caravan

Familiarise yourself with the cooking capabilities of your Ezytrail model. Whether it's the Robe Twin with its internal and external kitchens or the Parkes and Ceduna with external slide-out kitchens, understanding your off-road caravan's features will streamline your cooking experience.

There’s something special about food made in the middle of nowhere, eaten outside, knowing there’s not a restaurant or shop in sight. Planning those meals may feel like a chore, but by stocking up wisely and maximising packaged foods, it can be a whole lot of fun.