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The Ultimate Family Caravan Guide: Finding One That Fits Yours.

From must-have features to careful considerations, our expert insights will help get your family on/off the road in no time.

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The time has come. You’re on the road to choosing a caravan that will transport your family deep into the wilderness. You’re sure to emerge with unforgettable memories and a refreshed connection to nature. The question is, which caravan and why? To help cut through the confusion, we’ve put together some helpful info. Here it goes!

The Layout

When it comes to a family caravan, you want to feel at home, no matter how far away from it you are. Consider your needs for storage, sleeping, and stretching your legs—the last thing you want is to be stuck inside and stacked on top of each other when it’s rainy outside! Pay attention to the seating, dining, and sleeping configurations, and try to picture how your family will be situated within them. The beds, bunk beds, couches, and bathrooms will be your source of comfort during your wild journeys away, so make sure they look and feel right. Check out our website for detailed spec lists and floor plans for each model.

The Kitchen

For cooking pros, this is where the magic happens, so you want to make sure the kitchen is well equipped to do the trick. Consider the number of burners, amount of bench space and extra conveniences like splash guards and wind shields. Make sure not to overlook things like pantry space and the position of your kitchen. Some of our caravans and hybrid caravans, such as our Ceduna 15 Quad, offer a slide-out external kitchen, while others, like our VZ4800 HR and VZ4800 LR, have built-in kitchens and an overhead microwave too. We’ve even got a model that comes with both: our Robe 15 Twin. This gives you the freedom to cook with confidence indoors, free from wind and bugs, or to take your cook-up outside for an alfresco/BBQ dinner with a view.

Towing Capacity

Ensure your current vehicle has the towing capacity to safely tow a bigger off road family caravan by checking the caravan’s ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) and comparing it with your vehicle’s towing capacity. Remember that the larger the caravan, the greater the towing capacity your vehicle will need to have. Construction.

A well built caravan will last many good years of Australia’s beautifully unforgiving landscape. Its design, materials, and construction are the most important aspects to look out for—not where it’s made. While it can be tricky to spot good quality construction, you’ll be reassured to know that Ezytrail models with F5 chassis come with a lifetime warranty for first time owners.


As you shop around and consider your options, you’ll come across family caravans, family hybrid caravans, and off-road family caravans; some might be pop-top caravans or hard top caravans, each priced differently not only by style but also by brand. Some brands may appear at first glance to be good value, but they often don’t include some advertised features unless paid for as add-ons. By the time you tick off your essentials, your dream caravan is just that: a dream! Other brands may simply be priced too high to even dream about.

At Ezytrail, we pride ourselves on offering a good balance of quality and affordability—you get what you pay for with even more value. When shortlisting your favourite family caravans, always take a good look at features and amenities, and you’ll likely find that ours stack up nicely.

Whether you’re seeking an on-road or off-road family caravan adventure, the goal is always to find that perfect balance of comfort and capability. This will ensure that every family member—big, small and in between—loves being inside as much as outside. A caravan is a big investment for your family, so understanding the fine details will make all the difference.

If you want to see one of our caravans for yourself, drop by your nearest showroom at any time, and our friendly team members will gladly help you find your feet. You can find your nearest Ezytrail showroom here.